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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How do you communicate, how will I know when your team is coming:"
    We text you the cleaning reminder the day before and include both of your cleaners pictures!
  • What products do you use, are they eco friendly:"
    Our primary cleaning product we use as a multipurpose is Dr. Bronners - peppermint. It's a fantastic eco friendly non toxic multipurpose that just works wonders on baseboards, counter tops and everything in between --- for so many reasons, we love this product. Here is a blog you can read more about it. Insert blog here
  • How can I pay my bill & how do I receive a bill:
    We use jobber for scheduling and bill payment and you don't have to download the app!
  • How do you hire your workers & who are they:
    We firstly like to hire from within, our own staff giving us personal referrals is the best bet as they dont like to work with slackers or anyone seedy -- but we also reach out to 3.0 + GPA students of our local schools via different platforms and once they are interviewed and they qualify -- we call references, do check backgrounds and check their GPA status. We love students with good GPAs that come from a background or culture where cleaning was part of life. Therefore most of their training is personal experience and then we do lots of training on the job. You will know exactly who is coming to your cleaning via Jobber & a picture will be available for you to view. We have high expectations for the cleanings we produce, so trust us! We got you covered! Check out our staff tab to see who is on the team!
  • How will your crew get inside for the cleaning:
    We don't accept house or office keys,we can receive a garage code or find a good hide away spot for you
  • Are you licensed and insured:
    Yes and Yes since 2011
  • How can I reschedule a cleaning or cancel if I have something come up:
    Just text us we only need 24 hours notice, no problem and if you wake up sick just let us know in the group text right away and we can accommodate
  • Can you use my products:
    Sure just leave them on the counter or let us know where they are!

Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Package For Your Budget

Payments Accepted

We send your cleaning bills straight to your email & you can check on your billing status through your client profile! There, you can have a credit card on file to charge after each cleaning is completed. We also accept Venmo for tipping & for bill paying. If you are not going to have a reoccurring cleaning and just want to text us as needed --- then we will just bill & receive payment before each cleaning

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