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  • Katie Belletto

5 Cleaning Hacks to Help You Get Ready for Spring

‘Tis the season for spring cleaning! Longer days and warmer weather are just around the corner, and with that comes the prime time for a refresh of your home. Instead of scrambling to get that cleaning to-do list done, using cleaning hacks can save you time and energy. Here are 5 of our favorite cleaning hacks to get you ready for spring.

  1. Utilize your dishwasher

We all know the dishwasher is a family cook’s best friend when it comes to cleaning dirty dishes. It can also come in handy for washing other things around the house in half the time! Small things like mason jars, trinket trays, and candle holders collect dust, so instead of wiping each item individually, place them in your dishwasher and let it do the work. You can also clean your other cleaning supplies, like a scrub daddy or squeegee this way.

  1. Dust walls with your Swiffer

Long dusters like a swiffer can save you a lot of time climbing up high and trying to reach the entirety of your home’s interior. Attach a fresh dusting cloth to the duster and extend it to reach all of the walls and trim, tackling dust and cobwebs that are otherwise out of reach.

  1. Easy microwave cleaning

This hack will save the time and effort of scrubbing spills and food inside your microwave. Partially fill a microwave-safe cup with water and add a slice of lemon. Boil the water for 1 minute, then keep the microwave closed for another ten minutes. The steam from the lemon water loosens the grime, allowing you to wipe it away easily.

  1. Grab your tide pen

Most of us know spot cleaners like a Tide pen are handy for messes on clothes, but that’s not all they’re good for. They can be used to clean caulk, porcelain, grout, and upholstery. Save yourself the hassle of washing an entire cushion or scrubbing your upholstered chair to get out a small stain. Just spot clean with a Tide pen and your home will be good as new.

  1. Tackle pet hair with rubber gloves

Instead of trying to use a lint roller or vacuum to get rid of pet hair, you can simply use a pair of rubber cleaning or gardening gloves. Run a gloved hand over the surface of your furniture. The rubber will push the hair to one spot and form a ball that can be thrown away. You can also use this on comforters and throw pillows.

Try these hacks to clean more efficiently when you have the time to do so! If you find yourself struggling to find the time or energy to for a deep spring cleaning, our Tallahassee-based professional cleaning service is here to help. Apple Pie Maids can complete recurring cleans, a one-time deep cleaning, or whatever else is right for you and your home. Talk to one of our professional cleaners today to get started, and give yourself more free time to enjoy the coming spring months.

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