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  • Katie Belletto

Good Habits for Quicker Cleaning

One of the most stressful parts of cleaning a home is the time it takes. Even with the help of house cleaning services, there always seems to be something that needs to be cleaned. With a busy schedule, it can feel particularly frustrating when a simple task takes hours to complete. Luckily, there are some easy habits you can adapt to make house cleaning quicker and easier.

  1. Pre-separated loads of laundry

Though it can feel trivial, separating our laundry into like colors is crucial for the upkeep of our clothing. The task is necessary but makes the laundry process even longer than it needs to be. Consider using a small basket to hold your delicates or a second laundry basket for dark clothes. If you have the space, you can purchase a laundry basket with built-in dividers so each load is already separated when it’s laundry time.

  1. Keep supplies in the shower

Having a cup in your shower makes it easy to rinse any hair or soap off of the

shower walls when you’re done. This keeps the shower looking fresher for longer and

avoids build-up. A squeegee is another good tool to keep nearby so you can quickly

wipe down your shower walls/door on your way out.

  1. Go-to supplies in each room

You may notice some dust or other messes in whatever room you are in, but it takes extra time and hassle to go get the cleaning supplies needed to handle it. If you’re already doing something, you’re less likely to pause just to clean something small. However, leaving small messes allows them to add up until you need to deep clean everything and spend even more time than you would have. Consider keeping a small cleaning kit in every room so you can tackle small messes quickly. A duster, a rag, and some multipurpose cleaner will do just the trick. If you have the space, a small dustpan and hand broom are also great to have handy.

  1. Close down your home

Similar to how closers will clean up a restaurant after closing hours, wiping down and putting things away before bed is a great habit to maintain. Stick those dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the table and counters, and make the couch. Making this a nightly routine will allow you to wake up to a clean space and also avoid mess build-up and clutter.

Small daily cleaning habits will help you maintain a calming space, without sacrificing precious hours in the day. Paired with a monthly maid service to help with deep cleaning, your home will feel cleaner than ever before.

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