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  • Katie Belletto

Mental Health and a Cleaning SpacE

Maintenance of our mental health has become a priority for most, and as important as our physical health. Most can agree that managing anxiety, fatigue, depression, and burnout is key to leading a more productive, fulfilling life. Taking care of ourselves mentally does not stop at yoga and therapy sessions; studies now show that a clean space goes hand-in-hand with improved mental health.

Research has shown in different cases that, in general, the cleaner your home is, the better you feel. Clutter and mess have been shown to contribute to depression and fatigue. Negative emotions like confusion, tension, and irritability have also been linked to a messy home environment. When one’s space is clean and tidy, they are better able to focus and experience a sense of calm and well-being. Simply put, our moods are greatly influenced by the state of our homes.

We all want our space to be tidy and clean when we get home from a long day. It allows us to unwind and clear our heads. But, there is only so much one can do when their schedule is filled to the brim. The average mom or full-time worker does not have the time to clean an entire house every day, which means the messes can pile up. It’s no one’s fault! But it can become frustrating when messes get out of hand and there’s no time or energy to clean them.

Hiring a cleaning service may be the key to alleviating the stress and anxiety the messes are bringing. Keep your production schedule, and save your free time for the things that matter – family time, date nights, relaxing, and more. A cleaning service will handle the messes and take the burden of cleaning off of your shoulders. Scheduled cleanings provide all of the mental health benefits of a clean space, without the burden of wasting any free time cleaning.

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